1/6 Toa Heavy Industry Anti CaRB Squad "RYOKUMA (2015 ACG EXCLUSIVE)

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Product Description

Debuted at ACG Hong Kong 2015 in July 2015. The ‘Anti CaRB Squad’ is an enforcement unit formed of 4 Synthetic Humans under orders from TOA Heavy Industries, to search and dispose of the ‘Collared-and-Reprogrammed-Body’(*pre-order for the CaRB ended in May). Even with their faces covered by under-generated protective membrane, these experimental bodies are operated mainly for close quarters combat purposes. The helmet is directly connected to the outer shell of the skull, with its protective membrane stripped off. Due to the wide angle view, environmental info indication, energy supply support from the helmet, and the high-solidity frame used for both legs, longer operation time for close quarters combat has been made possible. 1000toys Anti-CaRB Each body, with its own identification color and specialized weaponry, hunts the Collared-and-Reprogrammed-Body in a joint operation together with other members of the Anti CaRB Squad.