Q: Are the products listed here are genuine and new?

A: Yes, we only sell genuine and new products from brands and manufacturers.


Q: Why are products listed here are not the most updated ones?

A: We source our products from our business partners' warehouse.  Some of them may be overstocked for a while, and we help them to do clearance sales.  That's why the price is relatively low here.


Q: What are those Color Zones for?

A: We categorised our discount level as Discounted Color Zone.  

- Yellow Zone, low level discount around 10%-20% OFF

- Orange Zone, middle level discount around 30%-40% OFF

- Red Zone, high level discount around 50% OFF

- Black Zone, we selected some items at ultimate discount level every week.  It could be 50% UP.  


Q: Payment Method?

A: PayPal only  


Q: Shipping Date

A: All of the listed items are in stock.  We do NOT do any pre-order sales.  Shipping date is around 2-3 days after placing your order.  It might take 7-14 days for air parcel to arrive you.