Tenkuken Voltes V (Pre-order Price: USD1299, Deposit: USD300)

  • $300.00 USD

Release Date: To be Announced, 2020 (To be confirmed by MIG Studio later)

Price: USD 1299

Deposit: USD 300 (paid at pre-order)

Shipping Charge: To be determined after we get the information from MIG Studio.  It's about 20KG.  Information provided by MIG Studio.  Shipping charge will be quoted to customer and to be paid before shipment sent.

Limited edition : MTO (Capped at maximum 299 pcs)

"Let's Volt In!!!!! Tenkuken!!"

MIG Studio is proud to present "VOLTES-V TENKUKEN" from Voltes V Animation.
Original Design from 80's animation / TV series.

Voltes V one of the most beloved Super Robot of all time now came to live in this epic diorama.

In our first diorama, Voltes V faces one of the toughest battle with Super Namazungo and Gamenza, where the enemy uses a device that prevents Voltes V to combine.

Through intense effort Voltes V finally able to destroy the device and able to combine, they defeated the two beast fighter.

In here we see Voltes V deliver the final blow to Gamenza with Tenkuken.

Product Specifications
- Dimension : 62cm tall / 50cm diameter length (Approx)
- Weight : 20+ Kg (Approx)
- Highly detailed sculpt
- High quality paint
- Comes with an artprint of Voltes V defeating Gamenza

Master Painter : Mr Apink Sant